In many African countries, people suffer from restricted access to healthcare. Even in urban areas, many live far from the nearest clinic, must wait in long lines upon arrival, and pay a fee beyond their means. These limitations keep people from seeking medical attention, and result in serious complications and even deaths that would have been preventable upon earlier detection. Furthermore, large communities of people have little or no health data, leaving larger medical community unaware of the diseases and ailments propagating within certain populations. However, we also know that internet penetration is as high as 70% in many African countries, and an average of 1 in 5 young Africans have used their mobile phones to access a product or service.



YAPILI connects users seeking health advice to licensed physicians – all via the web

YAPILI connects users to licensed physicians both within and outside of Africa. Despite many facing significant barriers to accessing health care, Africans are still maintaining connections to online channels. Through this, YAPILI provides virtual physician contact and care, the ability to maintain a secure health history online, and the aggregation of health data directly linked to specific populations and locations. We are here to provide online health advice through our communities & medical professionals and to provide health at hand for all.

Online Health Advice

Why we need your support

We have achieved a lot with own skills and financial means: built the online peer-to-peer platform, defined the legal framework for operations and established credible partnerships. Now, we reach out to you to help us scale our solution and connect 1000 new users to a licensed doctor at hand, anywhere in the world. For only € 30 you can give a man or a woman unlimited access to a doctor on-line for 6 months. We count on you to help us move forward in providing Health@Hand!

Online Health Advice

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