YAPILI is powered by Health Professionals

  • Receive complementary income
  • Contribute to a great cause
  • Make a social impact
  • Expand field of knowledge
  • Collaborate within global community

Why join us?

  • Provide health advice efficiently and across borders
  • Make impact towards those seeking qualified health advice across Africa
  • Expand field of knowledge and expertise
  • Benefit from financial incentives as a complementary source of revenue
  • Share knowledge, network and collaborate within global community of YAPILI Advisers

How to join?

To become YAPILI Adviser, you must have at least one of the following qualifications:

  • Be a licensed doctor in your country of residence
  • Be a registered nurse or midwife in your country of residence
  • Be a qualified mental health professional
  • Be a qualified HIV, sexual or reproductive health counsellor


YAPILI Network

YAPILI and social impact

YAPILI brings to market an affordable micro-insurance scheme for qualified health advice

Reduced costs of primary care means lower price for healthcare provision and health insurance plans

Better health to more individuals means less sick days and thus more boost to local economy

More efficient allocation of local health professionals, also creation of jobs and entrepreneurial initiatives