Become our partner delivering health at hand across Africa

For only 1 USD per month you can provide a person with unlimited access to health advice
from a licensed health professional

  • Empower your employees, students, customers, beneficiaries and other stakeholders to take ownership of their health
  • Fight stigma, discrimination and lack of awareness to provide confidential channel to access a healthcare professional
  • Gain competitive advantage versus peers, increase brand awareness and business retention
  • Encourage seeking qualified health advice upon early symptoms
  • Complement existing health insurance plan and corporate social responsibility

Learn how you could sponsor a subscription for 1 USD per month per Advisee

What is it?

  • YAPILI is a micro-subscription service for health advice,  follow-up & aftercare, counselling, second opinion and digital health records.
  • YAPILI offers new opportunities to establish confidential contact with local and international health professionals.
  • Our vetted Advisers help in cases of pregnancy & family planning, diabetes, hypertension, HIV, sexual health, mental health and generic primary care. 

YAPILI Partner case study

Industrial Company 

Our partner is an industrial company with 500 employees and contractors in Gaborone. The employer has been unable to provide healthcare insurance to their staff due to high premiums. Without this, healthcare access for most of them was becoming a myth. Our partner realized this was becoming a problem at work as a number of people at the company have been feeling sick symptoms, yet delaying their visits to clinics which has increasingly worsened their conditions. Since the company concluded a partnership with YAPILI, the employees get confidential advice from a licensed medical professional directly on their mobile phones. Since YAPILI was introduced in the company, the employees have had reduced sick days and have also experienced a positive atmosphere shift at work.

Non-Governmental Organisation

Our partner is an NGO based in Nairobi which aims to serve people living with stigmatized illnesses in Kenyan communities. In recent years, our partner noticed that a large number of these individuals have decided to stop taking their necessary drugs. After several studies, some of the main reasons they found for these occurrences included stigmatization and demotivation. They decided to partner with YAPILI in order to come up with a sustainable solution to ensure that these individuals continue to take their drugs while also receiving support. With the help of the partner, YAPILI was able to provide 3 iPads to Migori county where more than 1000 individuals registered to the platform. Through YAPILI, they were able to get connected to a qualified HIV health counsellor with full anonymity and confidence. They were able to chat to a professional about what they were going through mentally and physically.

YAPILI Network

YAPILI and social impact

YAPILI brings to market an affordable micro-insurance scheme for qualified health advice

Reduced costs of primary care means lower price for healthcare provision and health insurance plans

Better health to more individuals means less sick days and thus more boost to local economy

More efficient allocation of local health professionals, also creation of jobs and entrepreneurial initiatives

Learn how you could sponsor a subscription for 
1 USD per month per Advisee