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Talk To Doctor Online


    Get advice to your health questions 

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Talk To Doctor Online



YAPILI is available free of charge for early adopters in Botswana, Kenya,
Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Talk To Doctor Online

Available in numerous African states

Talk To Doctor Online

Licensed physicians from across the globe

Talk To Doctor Online

Secure online health history

Licensed doctor at hand. Anywhere.

Public Award Best Innovation

Best Startup Botswana 2017

2nd Prize and Public Award

How does it work?

Talk To Doctor Online

Talk To Doctor Online

Get matched with
a licensed physician

Talk To Doctor Online

Ask your health

Talk To Doctor Online

Follow up when

How YAPILI can help me

Talk To Doctor Online


   Answer non-urgent health questions

YAPILI advisers are licensed physicians coming from different specialties, such as pediatrics, gastroenterology, gynecology and more.


  Advice you if you need to see a medical professional

Based on your symptoms, our doctors will do their best to refer you for a face-to-face visit when necessary.


  Provide continuous care

You can check-in with your adviser whenever you have a follow up question. Your online health history will help keep track of your progress. 

Are you a licensed physician who wants to make a social impact?

How does YAPILI work hand-in-hand towards the following Sustainable Development Goals?

Talk To Doctor Online

YAPILI provides Health@Hand! This means that our users can access affordable and confidential health advice from licensed physicians locally or internationally. Users have the possibility for follow-ups and digitalizing their health histories!

We are using a sustainable and scalable business model to advance the use of existing technologies, in deploying an app as an innovative health solution to fill the gaps of health-access in African countries.

We are creating an ecosystem where YAPILI is the market infrastructure for startups, NGOs and public organisations! We act as catalyst increasing the reach for other fit-for-purpose solutions and inclusive business models.

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