YAPILI connects African people to licensed health professionals worldwide

YAPILI is available to individuals seeking health advice in English speaking Africa and whose subscription is sponsored by one of our partners

How can YAPILI help?

Get advice to health questions

Based on your symptoms or your needs for second opinion or counseling, YAPILI Advisers will do their best to provide a qualified answer to your question and refer you for a face-to-face medical visit when necessary

Variety of health professionals

YAPILI Advisers are licensed health professionals from different specialties: pediatrics, gastroenterology, gynecology, mental health, HIV prevention, sexual or reproductive health counsellors, midwives and others

One subscription for all

Anonymous, stigma-free and secure, YAPILI empowers control of your own health, digitised health history and records which could be used online and offline when referred to clinics or pharmacies

  • generic primary care
  • pregnancy & family planning
  • sexual health
  • HIV
  • mental health
  • diabetes
  • hypertension

Have a health question?

How does it work?

  • Choose Adviser
  • Describe case
  • Ask follow up questions

Download YAPILI App for better experience when seeking health advice

Are you a licensed
health professional?

  • Contribute to a great cause
  • Make a social impact
  • Expand field of knowledge
  • Receive complementary income
  • Collaborate within global community

YAPILI and Sustainable Development Goals

Good Health & Well-being

Enhancing access to health in Africa is no longer confined to borders thanks to technological development. This means that our users can access affordable and confidential health advice from licensed healthcare professionals within their country and across borders

Industry, Innovation & Infastructure

The purpose of YAPILI platform is to decentralize access to quality health advice and centralize access to health data at large. YAPILI is a simple idea driven by the thought that through innovation and technology, we can build a sustainable, scalable and impactful social-business

Partnerships for the Goals

YAPILI is an underlying market infrastructure enabling impactful partnerships with other startups, NGOs and public organisations to enhance access and provision of healthcare within African and beyond. We act as catalyst increasing the reach for other fit-for-purpose solutions and inclusive business models

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